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Revision Tips for the ACCA Paper P4 Examinations: December 2013

The ‘TonySurridge 7-Day Countdown’
Paper P4: Advanced Financial Management

4 November 2013

The TonySurridge Online tips have been developed by using past questions, technical articles, comments of the Examiner concerning previous exam answers, gaps in the syllabus not examined recently and developments in the relevant field. We hold the view that it is extremely difficult, and misleading for students, to pick out exact and definitive parts of the syllabus. It has the same level of difficulty (and chance of success) as picking six numbers for the lottery. Rather, we highlight seven likely question areas for the December 2013 exam– one for each day of the final week leading to the exam and indicate useful revision questions within each area. We earnestly recommend that the entire syllabus is revised up to this time.

TonySurridge ACCA Paper P4, Practice Questions & Answers E-Book. The Answers we provide are detailed and specimens can be viewed free of change on our website. There are many more Questions and Answers included in this E-book, the ones highlighted here are targeted for last-minute revision. 

   ACCA Paper P4:  Advanced Financial Management
   Target examination: December 2013
 Day  Topic tipped  Revision question targeted for this topic
Role and responsibility towards stakeholders:  
Conflicting stakeholders interests Decision of a remuneration committee - December 2004
Ethical issues in financial management

Non-financial, ethical and environmental issues - December 2003
Ethical issues - June 2007
Agenda for Change - December 2007
Solar Supermarkets - December 2008
Tramont Co - Pilot Paper
Saturn Systems - June 200Large multinational pharmaceutical company - June 2009

Economic environment for multinational organisations:  
Management of international trade and finance  Protectionist measures - December 2005
 Advanced investment appraisal:  
Discounted cash flow techniques

Slow Fashions Company - June 2009
Seal Island Nuclear Power Co - June 2010 
Fubuki Co - December 2005
Sleepon Hotels - December 2005

 Application of option pricing theory

Bioplasm Co - December 2003
Digunder Co - December 2007
Kodiak Co - December 2009
Alaska Salvage - December 2009
Mesmer Magic - June 2011

Impact of financing on investment decisions and adjusted present value

Tampem Co - December 2006
Neptunen Systens - June 2008
Partsea Co - June 2007
GNT Co - Pilot Paper 2013

Valuation and the use of free cash flows   Burcolene Co - December 2007
Diversification strategy   Trosoft Co - December 2004
Acquisition and mergers:   
Evaluation of acquisition strategy 

Intergrand Co - December 2002
Paxis - June 2005

Corporate valuation  Stanzial Co - December 2006
Risks and impact of acquisition   Anchorage Retail Co - December 2009
Financing an acquisition 

McTee Co - June 2005
Pursuit Co - June 2011

Economic Value Added

 International Enterprises - December 2007
(This is not a question on acquisition.)

Note: Q2 of June 2013 questioned an acquisition payment method, not the appraisal of a potential acquisition or the valuation of the candidate.)

Corporate reconstruction and re-organisation:  
 Evaluation of reconstruction option

Evertalk Co - June 2003
Doric Co - December 2010

Note: Doric Co has been re-written as a 2013 Pilot Paper question and this should be worked as well.

Treasury and advanced risk management techniques:  
Use of financial derivatives to hedge against forex risk

Autocrat Co - December 2002
Galeplus Co - December 2004
Importer of stone chippings - June 2009

Use of financial derivatives to hedge against interest rate risk 

Troder Co - June 2003
Phobos Co - December 2008
Alecto Co - Pilot Paper 2013

Emerging issues in finance and financial management:  
Developments in Islamic financing  This is new in the syllabus and no question yet!  Worth revising.  (For detailed notes access our purpose-written article which is available free of charge.)


There are quite a lot of questions highlighted. However each question covers a ‘likely’ syllabus topic and is worth working through, even if you do it quickly The syllabus is quite broad, although the Examiner does repeat ‘themes;, and the questions are challenging – particularly when answered under exam conditions.. The ‘unique’ questions which the Examiner asks sometimes can only be answered from your business understanding, intellect and common-sense which can be obtained by reading as many questions and answers as possible. Remember, we are not born with common-sense – we acquire it! When revising ACCA Paper P4 it is sensible to range across the syllabus as we have done (‘machine gun’ style) rather than try to spot particular questions (‘rifle shot’). Most questions contain calculations and discussion and by reading the answers you obtain added benefit. We have not included question areas from the last two exams (December 2012 and June 2013) and have omitted previous questions that duplicate aspects covered in those two papers.

For your further interest the TonySurridge E-books we refer to contains all these questions, with answers.

The Paper P5 Questions highlighted above for revision are original ACCA past exam questions and therefore relate to the size of marks awarded in the appropriate exam diet. We have not attempted to change the marks awarded. However they are targeted because they cover ‘likely’ exam areas for the December 2013 exam.

Our Tony Surridge, Paper P4, Practice Q&A E-book contains:

109 Exam Questions and Answers including tutorial comments and examiners’ comments. (The four 2013 Pilot Paper questions are included)

Questions and Answers are hyperlinked for the convenience of the user.

If it is a fact that no company is immune from making errors in financial strategy, it is also true that there is no perfect solution to an exam problem. However, some solutions will be better than others. Companies fail in the market because their strategies are ill-conceived, poorly prepared and badly executed. Students, when tackling difficult exam questions, often fail to impress examiners for much the same reasons. It is certainly the case of practice improves!

Health warning for exam tips

 TonySurridge Online Ltd does not claim to have any endorsement of the predictions from either the examiners or the ACCA and does not guarantee that either the specific questions, or the general areas, that are included in the Company’s tests of Questions and Answers will necessarily be included in the examinations, in part or in whole.

TonySurridge Online Ltd does not accept any liability or responsibility to any person who takes, or does not take, any action based (either in whole or in part and either directly or indirectly) upon any statement, fact, or omission made in the Company’s Questions and Answers. The Company encourages students to study all topics in the ACCA syllabus and the Tony Surridge ‘Revision Tips’ and associated Revision Questions and Answers are intended as an aid to study only.