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Finance & Business Seminars

A selection of 2-3 day intensive financial & business seminar courses, covering 12 topics, with locations offered Worldwide.  From introductory courses, to senior management level.  Also available as in-house training.


Accountancy & Finance Job Board
A specialist Accountancy and Finance job board, offering the latest vacancies throughout the UK, spanning 20 industry categories.


Financial Industry News Provider
Links to 8 seperate financial news channels and information providers, offering a covered view of laterst industry changes and global events,


ACCA Study Materials
Authors and Publishers of affordable ACCA Study Materials provided to students globally in electronic format for a more cost-effective method of learning.


ACCA Forum - Business & Finance
An active forum for discussion with like-minded peers in the industry, to network ideas, questions and problems.




Tony Surridge sees his students reach high positionsTony Surridge has spent many years in the business education industry with particular responsibilities for teaching students following academic programmes leading to the qualifying examinations of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).  He also taught students on tuition programmes for the Institute of Chartered Accountants (England & Wales), the Institute of Marketing, MBA and first degrees.  One of the privileges of such enjoyable work is that over the years Tony has developed enduring friendships from amongst his students and has experienced the gratification and pleasure of seeing many of the people he taught reach responsible positions in organisations around the world.

Tony has been involved in his chosen vocation of teaching since 1974 and for two years held an appointment with the Ministry of Defence which involved lecturing Commonwealth military personnel and civil servants undergoing training for professional qualifications in the accountancy, management and computer fields.  During these years Tony met people from many different countries and began to   appreciate their particular circumstances and the extreme difficulties that people faced in trying to study for, and pass, challenging examinations.  It was particularly so for students who were studying in English, a language not their own, and who, for a variety of reasons had limited study time and money to spend on study material and other aids.  The difficulties have, of course, got worse over the years since, a point that Tony has always been conscious of, and which has influenced the way in which his particular style of teaching developed.    

Tony Surridge has taught GloballySince 1984, Tony has been a director of Canterbury School of Management (CSM) and for periods, both before and after this time, he also held positions as Director of Studies of the London School of Accountancy (LSA), the Director of CIMA Studies of Emile Wolffe Colleges (EW) and Director of CIMA Studies of Accountancy Tutors (AT).  His experience includes the management and organisation of wide ranging programmes of education and he has acquired considerable skills in 'classroom' and 'distance learning‘ techniques.  Over the years, Tony has visited and taught in many countries - Bahrain, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Malaysia, Mauritius, Poland, Singapore, Trinidad, Uganda, United Kingdom and Uzbekistan.  

Tony Surridge is a qualified accountant and corporate systems analyst and has a background of accountancy and computers.  While sitting his own exams, Tony was a CIMA world-wide multi-prize and place winner.  Prior to becoming involved in education he spent some fifteen years working in administration and management systems on a world-wide basis.  He held responsible positions in North America, Hong-Kong, Australia, Bahrain and on the European Continent, as well as in the United Kingdom.  Since taking on teaching responsibilities he has undertaken a number of management consultancy assignments and this work has provided him the experience of business problems and operations in different places in the world.

Tony Surridge is a frequent speaker to executive audiencesTony is a frequent speaker on management topics and during the past years has spoken to executive audiences in London as well as lecturing thousands of students following tuition programmers leading to the highly-prized professional qualifications.  

Among his many other achievements Tony has successfully marketed a variety of accountancy educational products in a diversity of markets (including products for the ACCA and CIMA syllabuses), has written a number of different teaching manuals for accountancy courses, and contributed articles to magazines on business aspects.